Badminton Resources On The Internet

Middlesex County Badminton Association

Badminton league tables and competition information within the county.

Badminton Central

A site with a lot of features such as tips and techniques to improve your game, a discussion forum, humour, reviews of equipment and links to other badminton sites. Included is a quick quide on tactics for the novice players. And finally, are you a badminton fanatic?

Badminton Association of England

Mainly badminton news and information on events both nationally and international.

Badminton World Federation

The Badminton World Federation is the world governing body for the sport of badminton. Latest updates regarding badminton related news, player rankings and the like are available on this website.

The Badzone

A site that lists badminton clubs around UK. It has a very good tutorial section for singles and doubles play and amusing tips and tricks section.

Central Sports

One of the largest online retailers for badminton in the UK who also provide discounts for Badminton England members.

Direct Badminton

Another large online retailer which is a sibling site of


The largest online retailer for tennis, badminton and squash. They also have a shop in Northwood Hills.