Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we play?

We are based at the Queen Mother Sports Centre, 223 Vauxhall Bridge Road , London SW1V 1EL , about 5 minutes walk from Victoria Station.

When do we play?

We play on five courts from 6pm to 8pm every Friday evening, with an option to extend to 9pm.

How big is the club?

We have between 40-50 members who come to play for fun (and to win...!)

What is the right standard for the club?

To join the club you need to be of intermediate to advanced standard. In our experience that means:

  • A You will have played badminton regularly for 5 years or more,
  • B You have had some coaching
  • C You are familiar with the principles and tactics including the defensive and attacking positions for the two different types of doubles (level and mixed). This is to ensure enjoyable competitive games at the appropriate level.

How do I join?

If you are interested in trying us out, please contact us with some details of your standard and experience, including information on the three points (A), (B) and (C) above. As we currently have more men than women in the club, we are particularly keen to recruit a few more women.

How much does it cost?

We have two membership payment options.

Session Type 3 months 6 months Annual
Friday 6 - 8pm £75 £145 £280
Friday 6 - 9pm £100 £190 £370
This includes Yonex AS30 feather shuttles and court costs.
We can also apply a 1/3 discount to the above fees to full time students, the unemployed and over 60's. The discount is subject to valid proof of being in any of the category mentioned.

Do you play in leagues?

Not at present. We did have two teams (mixed and mens) in the Hammersmith Badminton League.

What shuttles do you play with?

We use Yonex AS30 Feather shuttles (instead of plastics) in line with most current social and competitive clubs.

Yonex feather shuttles

What if I can't make it every week or can't make it by 6pm?

Don't worry, as a member of our badminton club, you don't have to come every week, nor do you have to be there at 6 o'clock. It is entirely up to you how often you come and how long you play (subject to your chosen membership option, 6-8pm or 6-9pm).

What about insurance?

We are private individuals getting together to play for fun, therefore we accept no liability for any loss or injury, however sustained, while taking part in club activities. If you want to cover yourself against injury to yourself or others, please make sure you have the appropriate insurance.

Do any social activities take place?

While we like to take our badminton seriously on the court, we're much more relaxed off the court. We take great pride in our club culture of being friendly and sociable with everyone that we play with. Some of the activities that take place include:

  • Pub after the club session
  • A monthly meal after the club session
  • Annual summer social event
  • Christmas party

How can I find out more about the club?

Please feel free to contact us with your questions. Click here for details.