About The Club

The club was founded soon after the Queen Mother Sports Centre was opened in 1981. Amazingly, we still have three members who joined within the club's first year! The club has gone from strength to strength ever since, aided in particular by the launch of the club website in the late 1990's. As demand from potential new members steadily grew, the club was able to aim for higher standards in terms of members' level of coaching and play, as set out elsewhere on the website. This has been done to improve the consistency and quality of the games and also to ensure players' safety.

The launch of the website also widened the membership; originally people only found out about the club if they lived or worked close by, and if they came into the sports centre and saw a poster or spoke to reception staff. Through the website, we now receive constant enquiries including emails from all over the world from potential members planning to move to London.

Please note, we are a private club who uses the centre. Please contact the Queen Mother centre directly should you wish to hire a court, or need more information on costs etc.